Payroll Accounting in New York

While the business is growing there is more of a need for hiring employees. It’s important that employees are paid fairly and accurately. The last thing you want to do is to incorrectly calculate someone’s pay and/or tax liabilities. This leads to dissatisfaction, low staff morale, and possibly significant penalties and fines. There are trained professionals who offer payroll tax services in NYC to ensure that you never have to deal with any of these issues.

How Payroll Services Benefits You

Payroll tax in the U.S. is complex and the employment laws and regulations are constantly changing, making it hard for both you and your employee to keep up with and comprehend. This leaves a lot of confusion, distrust, and frustration on both ends between the business owners and the employees.

To ease the burden and stress, you need a payroll tax consulting company that is knowledgeable, reliable, and dependable. Contact Real Tax USA. We have Enrolled Agents who are payroll tax consultants that will ensure compliance with all applicable tax laws while reducing the potential liability for interest, fines, and/or penalties. We provide payroll accounting services that will save you time and money.

We offer a comprehensive list of payroll services to make life easier for you. Our payroll tax accounting specialists provide the following services:

  1. Gross wages, salaries, bonuses, overtime pay, and commissions
  2. Payroll accounting taxes and withholding: medicare, social security, federal/state unemployment tax, federal/state income tax, and worker compensation insurance.
  3. Employer-paid benefits and other compensation such as holidays, sick days, vacation, insurance, and retirement plans.

Payroll is not a simple process and is very time-consuming. Some common challenges small business owners run into when trying to do their own payroll include manual payroll processing, technology integration, ever-changing labor laws and regulations, payroll underpayments or overpayments, accurate record keeping, confidentiality, misclassification of employees, ever-changing employee information, tax non-compliance, payroll fraud, backup systems, and payroll accuracy.

There are a whole host of things that can go wrong. When it comes to professional business bookkeeping services, Real Tax USA specializes in bookkeeping services for small business including payroll tax accounting services.

How Much Does Payroll Tax Services Cost in NYC?

The cost of payroll tax services depends on the method you choose and your situation including the complexity of your payroll, how fast and often the services are needed, are there any payroll issues from the past that need to be resolved, etc. At Real Tax USA, we value you, your business, and your success. Our mission is to provide high-quality and accurate bookkeeping and payroll tax services to our clients. 

Fill out the form below to get a free guide on how much our payroll services will cost you so that you can avoid any potential fines, penalties, and interest and don’t have to spend any more on the cost of payroll accounting services or the cost of payroll taxes than is absolutely necessary.

Affordable Payroll Tax Accounting and Consulting

If you’re a small business owner and don’t want to spend time preparing tax reports, filing and paying quarterly and annual payroll tax, performing data entry, and keeping up with employees’ time, then it’s time to reach out to Real Tax USA. Our payroll processing services will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration.