Tax and Accounting Services in Brooklyn, NY

There are specific tax laws that both individuals and businesses must adhere to when filing their tax returns. Tax accountants take on the responsibility of keeping up with tax laws and deadlines so you can stay focused on your day-to-day business needs.

It’s hard for businesses and individuals to stay on top of and comprehend all of the tax laws, tax law, and tax filing deadlines change from year to year, that’s why it is so beneficial to hire an Enrolled Agent to shoulder the responsibility of the tax accounting which gives you time to focus on other aspects of your business or personal life. Contact an Enrolled Agent at Real Tax USA for professional tax accounting in Brooklyn, NY.

Our services include but are not limited to the following 

We dedicated to help business optimize taxes.

Small Business Tax Preparation

Reliable help with your payroll tax.

Payroll Services

Our EA's are expert in personal taxation as well.

Individual Taxation

Filling sales tax return

Sales Tax Help

No more paperwork.

Bookkeeping Service

We can represent you before IRS

IRS Representation

Why Choose Real Tax USA

We offer professional accounting and tax services you can trust. Real Tax USA analyzes and fully comprehends your unique financial situation before presenting any tax plans, advice, or solutions.
Personal Customer Care
Tax accountants create a tax strategy for their clients to follow throughout the year that are tailored to their specific business needs. They keep their clients on track during the year to make sure they stick with their financial planning strategy and meet their financial goals at the end of the year.
Personal Customer Care
Optimizing Your Taxes
Tax accountants offer advice to help their clients save money when it comes time to file taxes and to make sure they don’t overpay taxes. They create tax strategies to minimize, defer, or eliminate tax payments and make sure any payments if owed, are paid on time.
Optimizing Your Taxes
Tax-Saving Advice
Tax accountants also prepare tax return documents that comply with all regulations and tax laws. They keep up with tax laws, interpret the tax laws, and stay on top of any current tax changes. In addition, they handle audits and represent clients before the IRS and State Departments of Taxation for resolving any issues the clients may face. Our goal is to offer you the best tax-saving strategy.
Tax-Saving Advice

Benefits of Hiring Enrolled Agent

There are many benefits to hiring an Enrolled Agent to handle tax matters. Enrolled Agents are tax professionals who have unlimited rights to practice before the IRS and any U.S. state. Enrolled Agents are knowledgeable about complicated federal tax codes for businesses and individuals. They specialize in taxes, so tax returns have less of a chance of being audited.

Since Enrolled Agents are tax experts, they always stay on top of any changes in the tax codes, and they know how those changes will advantage and affect the clients. 

Enrolled Agents can represent a client before the IRS for audits, appeals, or payments/collections since they are the only federally licensed tax preparers with this authority. With an Enrolled Agent, you have a professional tax preparer and a federally recognized tax specialist representing you before the IRS.

Enrolled Agents are professional tax preparers, knowledgeable and specialized tax advisors, highly qualified representatives for any IRS issues, and are very cost-efficient. They offer complete accounting and tax services.

Contact Us To Get Expert Tax and Accounting Services

Whenever you need tax preparation, tax return, or tax consultation, Real Tax USA can help you. Don’t wait until tax season starts, contact us now to get a head start on tax planning and advice on your individual or small business taxes. We’ll review your financial situation and let you know what we can do for you.


    Is it worth it to hire an
    enrolled agent?

    Yes. It is very cost-efficient to hire an Enrolled Agent because they are expert tax and accounting specialists that can help you with all types of tax matters.

    Do accountants charge for phone calls?

    Accountants do not charge for initial phone calls

    How long does it take an accountant to do taxes?

    How long it takes an accounting firm in NYC to do taxes depends on how organized the client’s supportive tax documents are, the complexity of the taxes, and how early the client gets their tax information to the accountant.