IRS Tax Representation Service

Filing your taxes with the IRS? It can be a hellish process, especially if you end up having issues with your filing. Too many people are paying way too much on their taxes because either they are not filing their taxes properly or they haven’t taken advantage of all the applicable credits and deductions. Our team at Real Tax USA provides IRS representation services and will file on behalf of the taxpayer or small business owner to seek the best resolution on all levels in order to secure a favorable outcome for our clients… saving them time and money!

IRS Representation for Business and Individuals

Since state taxes and federal tax requirements have gotten so complicated, it’s too easy to overlook something when filing your individual and/or business taxes. That’s why IRS tax representation services are so beneficial. These services include the following:

  • Tax planning
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax problems and issues
  • Settling back taxes
  • Tax audit representation
  • Wage garnishment
  • Tax liens on property
  • Bank levies on bank accounts
  • 941 payroll and filing

It is very scary and unsettling to get a notice from the IRS due to a change that is needed after you filed your tax return, a discrepancy, or a tax audit. Real Tax USA will save you a lot of time by stepping in and resolving the issue. Real Tax USA’s Enrolled Agent knows exactly how to handle these situations because of the knowledgeable tax authority and experience in resolving these issues and IRS audits previously. 

Real Tax USA’s team will help you collect any necessary information or documents in your defense and will communicate with the IRS on your behalf. By letting an Enrolled Agent handle all of your tax matters from planning to filing taxes, you can avoid that dreaded letter from the IRS and take advantage of all the state and federal tax credits and deductions that will save you money, not to mention penalties and interest.

Benefits of Hiring Real Tax USA

There are many benefits of hiring Enrolled Agents from Real Tax USA when it comes to preparing and filing your taxes with the IRS. The Enrolled Agent’s license is the highest level granted by the IRS to those who specialize in taxes which allows them to represent clients in all tax matters. Enrolled Agents know all the ins and outs of taxation at all levels and are always on top of any changes of tax laws throughout the year.

Enrolled Agents are IRS tax representatives who can practice in any state. Not only can they file returns in any state but they can represent clients for an audit in any state. Enrolled Agents can handle all of your tax needs in any state within the United States.

Enrolled Agents save you money in the IRS representation services they provide. With an Enrolled Agent, you are helped by a tax expert who has the most extensive knowledge of the complicated federal tax codes for individuals and businesses at a lower price than certified public accountants and other tax professionals.

Enrolled Agents are professional tax preparers, tax advisers, and federal representatives of any issues with the IRS.

Get Tax Help Today With Real Tax USA

Whenever you need tax preparation, tax return, or tax consultation, Real Tax USA can help. Don’t wait until tax season starts. Contact us now. We’ll review your financial situation and tell you what we can do for you. Real Tax USA will give you a peace of mind by offering the best IRS representation services and tax audit representation in NYC.